Condemnation is a sign of rejection

No need to hide it, we often sin by judging others. We judge strangers, we judge our own, at times the ones very close to us.

There is a constant in judging. Seeing the faults of those whom we consider our own we defend them. Seeing the faults of strangers we condemn. In other words, our attitude is predisposed by our acceptance or rejection of a person.

When someone we accept makes a mistake we find excuses, explanations for the mistake. When a stranger makes a mistake the distance between us grows greater, the rejection grows.

This clearly demonstrates the imperfection of our love. The Lord calls us to love our enemies. This in no way implies that we must justify their wrongs. More so it means we must wish good and salvation for all.

Alas, judging others we evidently manifest our absence of love for them. We do not want to pray for them, we do not want to support them with a kind word and help them turn to repentance. It is easier for us simply to label them by our condemnation and continue to move on passing them by…

O Lord, grant us the strength and wisdom not to judge, but to pray for those, who are much in need of our prayers and support. Amen.