About murmuring

Nothing blinds our reason as much as murmuring does. Complaints about life, about people, about circumstances, about all things around, like poison slowly kill the human soul. Probably, we could compare murmuring to cancer, which grows within unnoticeably, yet mercilessly undermines a person’s health, depriving the individual of strength and – being left without treatment – leads to death.

It could also be said that every complaint, every manifestation of murmuring, is a sort of wound that someone – as though in a fit of madness – inflicts upon himself. Please, note: a happy person is not the one, who has no cause for murmuring, but a happy person is the one, who does not murmur, but rather thanks God.

The holy apostle Paul teaches us to pray unceasingly and always in all things to thank God. If one were to follow this wise advice, then, no sorrow, no misfortune, no trial will ever be able to deprive us of the joy and happiness of knowing God’s love in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by experience. Amen.