About dreams

The holy fathers warn, or better yet to say, they altogether do not recommend, Orthodox Christians to give in to dreams. Most often, they say that in regards to temptations, which happen to inexperienced ascetics. However, it should be noted that dreaming, even about regular life events, is a source of temptations. If we do not guard ourselves and begin imagining in our mind how a certain thing should come out, how some circumstances in our life will be, then we will undoubtedly give the evil one an opportunity to tempt us with irritability, anger, offences, discontent, and grumbling, if everything turns out differently than the way we have already imagined in our mind. Therefore, saying the words of the Lord’s prayer …Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven…, let us trust in God’s providence for us sinners with our whole heart, and let us accept everything that happens to us as though the Lord Himself arranged it. If we shall accept everything with humility, then we shall cut away all the causes of anger, murmuring, and offences at the root.